Artist, writer, flaneur.

I graduated with a BA(Hons) Fine Art from London Metropolitan University in 2017.  Since then I have wondered what my practise is, whether I need to define it as a practise, whether anyone else needs to know about it.  I will return to education at some point soon.  I’m interested in the intersection between conventional (visual) art practises and writing – writing as art, or about art, or as part of an art practise, or as a support to one.  At present I am making work inspired by manmade and natural environments, in painting, photography, film and text. Key concerns include isolation, water, light, psychogeography, existentialism.

The biggest resource I have is time, so I think a lot.  I don’t feel the need to set targets or deadlines for my practise at the moment, although I am making at a pace which I don’t push.  If, as we keep hearing, we are in “unprecedented” times of change and revolt, I think an ability to step back and not rush into anything is a valuable asset.

I start by just working with the materials I have; by that I mean the physical (medium) materials, and the subject matter.  I usually don’t have a fixed idea what the end result will be, when and where it might be seen.  Often through using routine processes I find new aspects of interests within existing content.  I am now realising that since graduating my practise diminished in importance in my life due to other priorities.  Only now that I have extensive time available and few other commitments my mind is returning to thinking like an artist.  In some ways I am re-learning the basics, eg thinking visually, using visual vocabulary, and critically evaluating my own work.

November 2020.

Contact me: andrew.stevenson72@gmail.com