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I’m restless for change, constant reinvention. I went to South Woodford yesterday.  When we moved there in 1984 it seemed vibrant, cosmopolitan, gritty.  Eastenders started that year, and I think I expected our new neighbourhood to be similar.  There was an archway leading between Victorian buildings on George Lane, and two huge tower blocks where…

157.  Sunday afternoon.  Back at the old place.

I came here by the unusual fast train which only runs on special days, and only carries people who know about it.  We are propelled above the streets of Peckham and Camberwell feeling decadent for a few minutes.  It is a Bank Holiday tomorrow, so coming here today feels imbibed with the spirit of carnival. …

97.  Sunday evening.

Spring is here.  I’ve had washing hanging out today.  I’m happy with the white wall, it needs another coat, then the floor and the radiator.  I’m looking forward to light and space. I’ve just watched a John Rogers film about Hackney Wick.  He made a similar film of a walk there in 2016, today’s is…

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