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94.  Tuesday morning.

It’s snowing steadily again, and settling in the ruts formed yesterday.  The sky is a dirty yellow colour.  The day is peaceful so far.  A layer of snow muffles the sounds of people and traffic, in the same way that people put foam rubber or egg boxes on walls of recording studios.  I’m listening to … Continue reading 94.  Tuesday morning.

73. Wednesday.  Two days later.

New energy.  No commitments.  Awoke early with new clarity.  Today is the last day of our old ways, tomorrow a new agenda begins.  Light.  Cleanliness. On Monday I made a stew and became so ill I had an out of body experience.  Dehydration, green liquid, a rancid smell of decay, sweating, shivering, muscle spasms, floating.  … Continue reading 73. Wednesday.  Two days later.

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