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128.  Saturday afternoon, in a London haunt.

Recovering from internal pestilence.  Oddly, a week of pain and limited ability to move, times of lightheadedness through lack of sleep has catalysed clarity of thought, renewed purposefulness, practical use of time, being productive, feeling confident, being in control.  At one point, the very worst stage, at 3am one day, trying to visualise different internal…

68.  Sunday, GMT.

Why is that sodding Captain Tom Moore now doing sponsorship videos for Cadbury’s Chocolate?  It’s so nauseatingly* wrong, and oddly like slavery.  I’m sure it’s a front for something more sinister.  Mind control, slavery or fraud. *The chocolate itself isn’t nauseating, it’s quite nice.  I don’t eat rich things much though. A feeling of melancholy. …

96.  Friday afternoon.

I wake early at the moment, but get tired quickly. I’ve decided this phase of writing must be nearing its end.  It has to develop into something structured (structural even?) and purposeful, hopefully with a sense of ending in sight.  I’m never good at endings, which is why my creative output continues indefinitely.  Multiple streams…

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