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Latest from the Blog

42. Thursday.

Every morning begins the same way at the moment.  I wake up at 6am, without reason.  The body clock is set now, for the moment.  Radio Three plays strange piano music.  There are softly spoken words inbetween, I only listen to a few of them.  I choose what to wear based on looking outside.  Cloudy … Continue reading 42. Thursday.

29.  Saturday.

Today is worse.  Bleakness, purposeless.  Winter wind and rain outside.  I’m not sure if I can function much longer like this.  Empty barren streets and alleyways.  More photographs of disrupted earth, but why capture them, does anyone want to see?  I want to paint the earth.  Acrylic paint is flexible, plastic, merging, blending, fake.  Tactile, … Continue reading 29.  Saturday.

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