45.  Another day.  Roughly the same place.

I’m maybe oversensitive to it but it feels as though the distancing and mask thing is loosing importance and momentum now.  There’s a Hoggarth/Lord Of The Flies vibe of destruction abroad.  I don’t want to waste energy gatekeeping it.  There will be self-appointed expert authorities doing that for years to come.  The Melvyn Hayes character was just observed going into the kitchen whilst scratching inside his loose baggy trousers.  Hopefully Elizabethan levels of debauchery and Roman bacchanalia will return.  People take themselves far too seriously these days.  Small children falling out of windows is a small price to pay really.

Certain types of men seem to just bark, don’t they?  Rasping, shouting, barely formed words.  An unpopular view, but they are degenerate.  It hurts my ears.  It won’t be a problem if I run a bookshop, they can’t read.

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