65.  Thursday, at St Pancras.

I got up early today, cycled to the sorting office and back by 8.30am.  It’s a bright sunny day, warm but with cold air, I’ve found it positive.  Haven’t applied for jobs.  Have thought about jobs.  Have made slightly cavalier financial plans based on nebulous optimism about my new earnings potential.  If I do the HMRC job I’ll have income but little time, and how will I feel about getting up and immediately switching into work mode?  How will I feel about talking to random persons in my very own drawing room?  How will it affect delineation of space, should I think about “zoning” for purpose?  A pity Ikea is closed.  I am easily distracted at the moment, but perhaps being forced to work at set times would help me use my own time effectively.  What would I do in the evenings?  Eat rich hearty stews?

I’d like to get the entrepreneurial book selling underway too, but it might be worth just acquiring the stock and checking out markets before starting selling later, spring maybe.  I theoretically need to keep the shop going too, which is tricky.

I’m writing very much about details and practicality today.  Is this the effect of exercise, early starts, natural light?  If so, good.  Yesterday my mind was unsettled, distant.  Thoughts were fogged.

I feel today as though I’m starting to (re-) plan a future for myself.  Loose plans with little definition or substance, but plans, aims, a future.  I hope I don’t have to wait forever to put them into action.  I think I need a bigger writing work to occupy myself with.  I’m going to put the pieces I have out in the world more though, on screens and on walls.  Gain feedback, seek reaction, feel it living.

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